Morisset High School Junior AECG

On 25 March 2018, Itji-Marru JAECG was formed.

A JAECG is made up of Aboriginal students aged from 11 to 18. Through the JAECG they can learn great leadership skills, develop their communication skills, and are empowered to express their opinions regarding Aboriginal Australia/Education.

Morisset High School’s JAECG consists of:

    • President: Tahlia
    • Vice President: Wilson
    • Secretary: Chase
    • Assistant Secretary: Andrew
    • Treasurer: Ella
    • Year Leaders: Jayden, Sophie, Jaide, Brock, Savanna, Kodee and Viv.

Their mentors are Ms Richards and Aunty Selena Archibald.


Story contributed by Selena Archibald from the Itji-Marru Local AECG. Story published in 2018.